December 21

Art and Health

I’ve always found fitness to be a good source of my creativity.  When I am out exercising is when I get some of my best ideas.  The value of physical conditioning can not be stressed enough. In today’s culture which is moving to a more inactive way of life, there is a higher requirement than ever to improve the day-to-day activity amount to preserve both physical fitness and body weight.

Advantages of Fitness

Being active will help to keep your body working at a high level. Routine workouts will keep the efficiency of your lungs and also heart so that you can most effectively burn excess calories and also keep your weight controlled. Workouts will likewise enhance muscle strength, boost joint versatility and enhance endurance.gym

Another primary advantage of exercise is that it reduces the danger of heart problems, the leading cause of death in America. Furthermore, it can reduce your chance of having a stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Routine physical activity has actually been long related to a less check ins to the hospital and doctors.

Working out does not need to be something dull and dreadful. It can be a little something that you take pleasure in that also assists to increase the general joy in your life, in addition to eliminate signs of tension, anxiety and stress and anxiety. You should look for some activities that provide you enjoyment, and also perhaps a friend to do them with so that working out is an enjoyable and satisfying activity (and one which you advance can get better and better at due to the fact that it includes something great to your life).

What Activities Are Beneficial?

It is not exactly what you are doing, as long as it is whether you are carrying out something. Any kind of moderate activity like strolling, swimming, cycling or group sports can help with your physical conditioning. Explore your physical fitness choices at your regional fitness center, community center or neighbourhood school for courses and arranged activities that might fit in with your way of life and interests.

To obtain the most benefits, you must start with a warm up for 5 to 10 minutes to increase the blood circulation and prep your body for heavier exercise. Follow the warm up with a number of minutes of stretches in order to increase your versatility and lower your chance for injury. Perform your chosen workout or activity for 15 to 30 minutes and conclude the exercise with 5 to 10 minutes of cool off and also stretching.

If you are struggling for ideas for physical activities, websites such as, or provide great ideas and information on this.

Who Needs Physical conditioning?

Everybody! It is necessary for all individuals to remain active all throughout their lives. Because of hectic work and house lives, more than 60% of Americans do not get the suggested quantity of fitness everyday and these numbers usually increase with age.

Throughout the adult years is among the most essential times to keep a workout routine. This is the perfect time to keep your weight, develop strong bones and avoid numerous persistent health issue like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Numerous grownups do excessive workout at the same time. After a long work-week, many individuals aim to fit great deals of activity into the weekend and press their bodies exceedingly. This unexpected boost in activity can raise the threat of injury which might then cease activity for weeks. Specialists suggest exercising numerous times throughout a week with differing workouts for the most gain to your health and wellness.

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October 6


Printfestin in Ulverston is set to make a return in 2017 and submissions from artists are invited.

The well known festival takes place on the May Bank Holiday weekend after the event failing to take place in 2016. It will provide many artists with a more cost effective way to showcase their work and should also have prices which are affordable to the general public.

The last time the festival took place in 2015, over 1500 art lovers attended. And over £50,000 of are was sold.

This is the UK’s biggest print art festival. It started in 2001 and is completely dedicated to the sale and display of contemporary print art. There are great chances to view and buy art and also meet the artists as well as learn about the skill of print making.

The dates for the 2017 event are:

  • Friday April 28th – Private viewing (by invitation)
  • Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th – Public viewing

The deadline for artist applications is Jan 1st, 2017.

Visit to apply and for further details and also for updates on bank holiday dates.

October 1

My Parent’s Anniversary

My mother and father just reached there 50th wedding anniversary. My brothers and sisters coordinated a nice celebration for them on this auspicious day. We decided to hold the party for them at a small upper class hall.

We invited all the family members to attend, including my parents surviving brothers and sisters. The party was catered, and my sister and brother greeted guests. I more or less mingled. I was in charge of decorating the hall, which I had completed in the morning.

I also bought a book showing how to make Chinese sky lantern about a month before the event. This book was very informative. I bought the materials needed to make a Chinese sky lantern. After about a week or so, I had created 50 of these. I decided I would have all my relatives and my parents launch them after the party. Each one to signify each year they were together.

I also thought of a great idea numbering each one with each year they had been together, my parents would launch the last one’s. The party was held in a small city, and launching them at the hall seemed a bit risky.


There were a lot of trees and apartments in the area. I figured we could all walk across the street to a park and launch them there. It was a cold brisk walk, but everybody walked and talked, not really noticing the cold at all. I passed the lanterns I made to all the guests, and we all watched as the lanterns in the sky drifted away.

My mother and father were quite moved, they said the lanterns floated away just as the years of their marriage had. I’m married and my anniversary is coming up in March. It will be my 5th year anniversary. I’m going to be buying heart shaped sky lanterns this time after checking the reviews on sites like I figure I won’t make them, that way they it will be a surprise on our anniversary.

The heart sky lantern will be a wonderful surprise for my wife. I’m just glad I only have to buy 5 this time. I cannot tell you how many of the relatives commented on how much they liked the sky lanterns, and the symbols each one meant. I am so glad I thought of the sky lanterns, and I am also grateful to all of you that helped me make my parents wedding anniversary a special one.